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Semi Downdraft Spray Booth

Semi Downdraft Spray Booth

Professional Woodworking Furniture Spray Booth Equipment Environmentally Friendly Features 1, Centrifugal fan for intake and extraction. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure. 3, Without heating. 4, All LED lights, energy save and more illumination. 5, Color white, blue, orange...

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Features of Semi Downdraft Spray Booth:

-Without basement, the downdraft spray booth is capable of exhausting from back side wall panel.

-Equipped with the purification system, such as the pre-filter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter, activated carbon filter, the device is able to purify the air without air pollution, making the air fresh and clean. It is environmentally friendly which contribute to protect the  nature.

-All-in-one structure, it combines the spraying, lighting switch, power supply switch, emergency stop, pressure gauge together, which is quite easy to operate the device, greatly enhancing the working efficiency as well as reducing the cost, time and energy.

-The downdraft spray booth has the galvanized steel roof with high strength and strong frame, which is available to support the equipment with steady and consistent performance.

-LED lights for woodworking painting, energy-saving and  high cost effective.

-With the scientific design, it is user-friendly with the wear resistance, as well as the durable lifespan. With the strict standards, it is manufactured of guaranteed quality that you can buy it st ease without hesitation.



Detailed Specification

Inside dimension

6900×3900×2650 mm

Outside dimension

8200×4000×3100 mm 

Front door

Folding door, 3 folds, 3000×2600 mm (W×H), without frame, aluminium alloy window frame, with handles on outside.

Emergency door

800×2000mm (W×H), aluminium alloy window frame

Wall panel

Thickness: 50mm, width: 1150mm, tongue and groove structure, 0.376mm colour steel with EPS insulation inside.

Generator cabinet

Aluminium alloy frame; machine-made panel covered, powdered and painted, filled with heat preservation material in the middle.

Intake and Exhaust system

Inlet:2×3KW centrifugal fan, model: YDW4.5M1, air capacity for each fan: 10500m3/h

Outlet: 1×5.5KW centrifugal fan, model: YDW4.5S, air capacity for each fan: 15500m3/h

Total power



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