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Spray Room With Airflow Direction

Cross-flow Spray Room:

The airflow flows from one end of the room to the other. This type of machine is low cost and easy to install. The disadvantage is that the fog moving along the side of the body, and fog can not be removed from the operator's face around the work environment is unsatisfactory.

Side down-type painting room:

Air through the ceiling of the filter device into the paint room, by the side wall of the room discharge. This is the mid-range price of the paint room. Because the fog is far away from the object itself and can remove mist from the operator's surroundings, the spraying effect and working environment are ideal.

All down-type painting room:

Embodies the most advanced technology today, air from the ceiling, through the pit or basement discharge to the outside. This kind of exhaust method can obtain cleaner painting process and safe working environment. But its cost is high, occupy the space is big.