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Spray Room

Painting room, as the name implies is in an air filtered airtight room for the processing of the workpiece to paint, paint room. Traditional spray paint is used in the open air to the appliance (car, furniture, etc.) spray paint, but this way for large appliances will make the quality of spray paint, for example: paint in the process will be the dust in the air mixed in the paint, thereby reducing the quality of paint; it's a waste of paint, and the paint area will be very dirty. For the staff, on the one hand will be very dirty, on the other hand will be inhaled a large amount of paint fog on the health. Later, people want to set the spray paint in a certain range, it produced the first spray room----ventilation spray paint room, in China, the first painting room in the 70 's Chengdu in the early years of the production.

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