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Development Status Of Spraying Room

Domestic baking room prices range from 22,000 to 60,000, high-end prices for 6.15 million, the main types of circulation are: outdoor rain-proof paint room, oil-fired high-temperature paint room, teaching-style spray paint room, large-channel paint room, environmental protection paint room, infrared paint room and standard paint room, etc., different functions The general baking room adopts assembled structure, and the housing adopts the sub-mother inserted heat-insulating spray wall panel, sealing, good insulation performance, the side of the room with work door, convenient staff access, aluminum alloy package side door, the central door equipped with observation window, can observe the room at any time dynamic, paint room auxiliary equipment is also emerging, the use rate is high: fan, Burner, lighting, floor, filter cotton, electric control box, occurrence room, paint lamp, high efficiency heat exchanger, of course, the specific configuration and model to see the overall planning of automobile service agencies.