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Analysis Of Spraying Room

In the global many automobile market continuously loses the situation, the Chinese automobile market has become a solo show, has created the glorious achievement, this has provided the China the Automobile insurance market the development to provide a big stage. Throughout the last ten years of China's auto insurance market, although there are large waves and waves, rising and accelerating, but all of them to themselves, the enterprise, the Chinese auto insurance market is full of enthusiasm and confidence. With the increasing volume of domestic cars and constantly developing, in the whole scale, for spray paint room, spray room demand, not only in the large-shaped spray room demand is growing, and quality, high demand for the special-type baking room market share more and more accounted for a larger proportion of the market. A person in the industry described at the exhibition, the company's staff income is very high, but still have complaints: rich but no time to spend. Big profiled spray Room Market "crazy", special-purpose spray room is also "fire", the ordinary type of spray room to sell more "cattle". At the same time, manufacturers with the development of the market opportunities also began to redesign their own development and positioning, to increase the focus on all aspects of the paint room.